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Getting Shit Done


For months now, perhaps years, I have been saying things like, “Our knives are so dull,” or “We have to get these sharpened.” This is sort of like my saying, “I need a haircut so badly” and then waiting for three months before getting around to booking a haircut.

It seems like every other cooking blog or magazine is telling me about the importance of SUPER SHARP KNIVES. And then there’s Top Chef and they’re always honing and then carefully stowing away the knives and there’s the swish swish sharp knife sound, which all just reminds me that my knives are dull. Which makes me mentally say, “We have to get our knives sharpened.”*

Now that I’m reflecting on it, I realize this has been going on since approximately 6 months after we bought our first knives while we were living in Montreal six years ago. Obviously this is one of my less appealing qualities and I’m surprised that Dave didn’t cave and get them sharpened out of sheer irritation, and I’m also surprised that I didn’t cave and get them sharpened out of sheer irritation.

Well, it finally happened.

I went into LeRoux Kitchen** on Commercial Street in Portland, cornered a bearded dude who was putting away baking supplies and asked him about knife sharpening. They don’t sharpen knives, but he recommended Freeport Knife, which he said was inexpensive and did a really professional job.

I should send him a thank you card or something because he did not send me astray. I really highly, highly recommend Freeport Knife Co. They’re on Route 1 on the way to LL Bean, near Pet Pantry. I was expecting to go in and get some grief about the state of my cutlery, kind of like when the haircutter picks up and drops strands of my hair and says, “So, when was your last haircut?” But no! They were totally nice and they sharpened my knives in an hour for $2 a piece and the store is really fantastic. They have all sorts of nice and useful kitchen tools, like glass bowls in a huge range of sizes and all manner of peelers and the metal knobs for Le Creuset cookware and more knives than you can even imagine. Also, when I was leaving, one of the guys asked how long I had had the knives and said they were in good shape. Which made me surprisingly proud about an inanimate object.***

I also got some beeswax/mineral oil, since ours had gone missing in our move (a year ago) and finally oiled the butcher block table and wooden spoons and cutting boards.

I am awash in feelings of accomplishment.

* I should clarify— they were extraordinarily-annoying-when-segmenting-oranges dull. They are not bludgeon-a-carrot-to-death dull.

** They have an awesomely lame website right now, but the store is good. Packed to the gills with stuff.

*** Also made me proud: Cashew won “dog of the day” on Thursday for good behavior at doggy day care. Which was surprising because, while very, very sweet, Cashew does not always exhibit what I might consider “dog of the day” behavior. But apparently he played really well with others and even got dogs that don’t normally play to play. He’s a builder of bridges, if you will.

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