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Eat Oatmeal or The Terrorists Win

I feel very strongly about oatmeal.

I was at a breastfeeding group a few weeks ago* and someone brought up steel cut oats** and not being sure how to cook them and not really liking them. I had a reaction akin to when a missionary knocks on a door and the person who answers says “you know, I HAVE felt spiritually unfulfilled lately…” So I started going into the multiple ways to cook them and how you can cook them the day of or the night before or even a big batch on the weekend and then microwave smaller portions or I’ve even heard of people using their slow cookers and I like the big-batch-then-microwave method and I just add some milk and then nuke it for a minute and then stir and then 30 seconds more and I can add chocolate chips and walnuts and banana or brown sugar and almonds and currants or raspberries and brown sugar and almonds and a bit of cream but really the possibilities are ENDLESS. And then I realized I had said too much and maybe the woman really just wanted some commiseration about the grossness of oatmeal anyway.

And then a day or two later a friend sent me a link to the above article and it really summed up everything I feel about oatmeal:

People who do not eat oatmeal belong on the “You Are What’s Wrong With Everything” list. This is America. And these are the rules. Don’t like them? Take your stuffed-brioche-french-toast ass back to Aix-en-Provençe (Proper pronunciation “Axe Un Province.”)

Also, it directs readers Flour Bakery in Boston, which you may recall as one of my favorite bakeries ever and the makers of my carrot cake wedding cake, which I order every time I go as a mini-celebration of my marriage and life in general.

* Hand to God, it is all I can do to not make this a breastfeeding tumblr at times. I strongly suspect that it is a topic more interesting to me than any of my followers, so I’ve been sparing you. But it’s basically every other day thatI think to myself “but it’s totally food-related!”

** Oatmeal is supposed to be a galactagogue, to increase your milk supply. Now you know.

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