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In Which Science Takes Away Everything I Hold Dear

Did you read the article in the New York Times Magazine this week about sugar? The gist of it is that sugar* is toxic and going to kill you. As much as I wanted to dismiss it as the latest yuppie hoo-ha, the argument was pretty compelling.

Any time I read an article like this, I do a mental calculation of the extent to which it applies to me (also known as justification of my current lifestyle). On the plus side: I don’t drink soda or fruit juices, I cook a fair amount which limits processed foods and gives me a pretty good sense of what I’m eating, we don’t tend to keep cookies and candies in the house, so I have to make an effort to go get them when I want them. On the minus side: I often do make the effort to go get ice cream or cookies, I am an ardent supporter of the dessert course, I have honey in my tea every morning, I have a weakness for sugary flavored lattes (thought I don’t drink them even close to every day), and if, God forbid, Dave and I ever break up, I would consider marrying whoever makes the almond croissant at Standard Baking. This mental calculation was not as successful as I hoped it might be.

A better person with more self-restraint might decide to give up all added sugars. I am not that person.

I did decide to try having my tea unsweetened in the mornings. I have done this in the past and know from experience that I can adjust to this, though it takes a few days. Also in the spirit of not-dying, I didn’t sprinkle my yogurt with brown sugar this morning.

The tea was fine, I’ll get used to it (by the way, two ways to avoid having super bitter tea: buy slightly higher quality tea— something closer to a whole leaf tea than a pulverized leaf-powder tea— and don’t over-steep your tea).

The plain yogurt sans brown sugar was great, but was also topped with a really sweet and ripe mango, so I don’t know that this is exactly a prime example of a new more austere lifestyle.

We’ll see how it goes.

* Added sugars, with high fructose corn syrup being included.

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