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Dilly Beans!

We picked up a lot of green beans this week at our CSA.  I like green beans as much as the next person (maybe even more?) but if there were any lessons learned from last week, it was that I’m probably not going to eat a pound of green beans in a week.  Even in salads.

But then I found a recipe for dilly beans on the Food in Jars blog.  And they sound delicious!  Pickled beans!  Slightly spicy!

Except that we have one pound of green beans instead of two pounds of green beans.  I’ve been contemplating going to the farmer’s market tomorrow morning to buy another pound of green beans so that I can use up my excess of green beans.  I feel like there might be some faulty logic going on hereabouts, but I’m going to ignore it.

(Oh look, I found another tutorial on canning dilly beans.  It is fated.)

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