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Trip to the Eastern Townships!  It is gorgeous there.

By the fourth wine/cider tasting I forgot to take pictures, except of random signs.  Quebec is really good for random signs, particularly since I don’t speak French.*  There was one in particular that depicted a traffic sign with a picture of a deer on it colliding with a traffic sign with a picture of a car on it.  Super meta.

If you are considering going, you should plan a stop at the Abbaye Saint-Benoit (we didn’t this time, but we have in the past).  It’s lovely and very quiet, and they make their own cheese and cider and other things that you can buy in the little shop.  The best mussels I’ve ever had were the moules saint-benoit that we had at a fusty french restaurant in Sherbrooke (a nearby town) made with their cheese.

Next time I go I am going to bring a cooler, stop at Canards du Lac Brome, and get myself a duck.  Apparently, there’s also an annual duck festival on Lake Brome (Canard en Fete!).

Finally, years ago, Dave and I were driving on some back road in the Eastern Townships and stopped on a whim at what looked like a regular front porch with a bunch of honey set up on it.  It turned out the people made honey (and spoke very little English) and I discovered that their Fleurs Sauvages (wildflowers) variety tasted exactly like the honey that we used to harvest from our bees when I was a kid.  I bought a jar and regretted for the next two years that I didn’t buy a bucket.  And guess what!  They’re still there!  I bought a 1 kg jar (at first I just wrote it as “a kg” which I read as “a keg.”  If only).  Now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have bought more.  Also, for your trip planning purposes, I just found them online: Miel Millette in Frelighsburg.

* God bless them, no one made me feel like a jerk for touring around a rural area as a foreigner who doesn’t speak the language.  And it takes some skill to lead a simultaneous English/French cider tasting without making a person feel like a jerk (I’m going to say it all in French for these people who speak the language here, and then I’m going to say it all in English for you!  It pairs well with foie gras!)

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