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The Josh and Juli Show: Tales from shoveling snow


People in the Northeast have a bit of a reputation for being…a little bit crabby. When you’re walking down the street, people aren’t going to smile and make eye contact. Standing in line at the grocery store (and that is IN line, not ON line as silly New Yorkers might say) and no one is going to…

I missed this when it was first posted, but it’s great and still appropriate because it snowed again today, as I assume it will every single day until the day I die, because that is apparently the trajectory we’re on and the snow has crushed my spirit.

Juli and Josh are southerners who have moved north. They also have a gigantic cat, which is neither here nor there, really, except that I want their tumblr to include more Meowsers.

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I am trying to be calm about things because it’s not like we need to get anywhere (unlike the last big snowstorm in the middle of which I went into labor), but we had a good six inches of snow before the blizzard even started.

This is our last winter without a snowblower.

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